Be The Best Rock You Can Be

Hello from #ShelterIsland! For those of you who have been here, you’ll know that the island is surrounded by #rocks. Rocks are heavy, can weigh us down, and keep us from where we want to be. Alternatively, rocks support us, protect us, and create foundations to lift us up. What’s more, the same exact rock can actually do both, it can both weigh us down or lift us up, and the only difference is perspective, it’s where the rock is placed in how it affects its force.

When the rock is on top of us, it weighs us down, it buries us, it keeps us from getting to where we want to be. When the rock is under us, it supports us, it anchors us, it lifts us higher.

Some might not think rocks are living, but at the same time, rocks will actually live longer on our physical #Earth than we do. Each one of us is also a rock, someone that can weigh someone down or lift someone up.

Let’s always be the rocks that bring ourselves and each other up. We don’t always have to always be the biggest rocks that always have to do the biggest things, even the smallest rocks like listening and offering words of inspiration and support are still as solid as the biggest ones. Let’s be sure to continuously be the rocks that help others, and give thanks to all the rocks around us that create foundations for our lives, support us, and lift us higher, and continuously remove all the ones from our lives that don’t. #longisland#newyork#usa 📷 @in.nycity