A World Filled With Books

The #library used to be the center of #information. Now everything around us is a center of information, and everything is its own library. As we spend time #reading, even more information is created by reading the reader, and the information has become even #smarter.

Some might say #books are a thing of the past, but books will actually last longer than we do. Books are a huge business, and to that point, one of the largest companies in the world @amazon was created by selling books, and today still sells billions of $$$ of books each year. No matter how many new books with new words are printed, billions of us will still continue to read the same religious or culturally iconic texts whose words will never change. Additionally, we will still use bookshelves for our homes, our offices, and even for virtual backdrops for our @zoom meetings. Just a few days ago @joebiden virtually accepted the democratic presidential nomination with books in his background. The future is exciting for books, as never has it been easier to print and distribute and translate texts, and #authors will use technologies like augmented reality to futher bring their books to life. When you look at your #phone, others might think you look distracted, but when you look at a book, others might think you look #wise. What does that make the person who is looking at their phone who is looking at another who is looking at a book? I would say after reading this post, that person has also become wiser as well 😎 #unionleague #nyc #newyorkcity #murrayhill