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Hello from #TurksandCaicos! Right now as you are reading this, I'm immersed in a #beautiful, #pristine, #pure, turquoise-reflecting water in the middle of the #AtlanticOcean. Many might call this place #paradise, a spot that seems #perfect. But what’s so “perfect” about “paradise”? Today we all live in a world where we have a global pandemic and millions are suffering. At the same time, the pandemic is making all of us as a global society more health conscious, where we care so much about our health and the health of each other. Everywhere we go, we see people washing and purifying their hands in public, there are hand sanitation stands everywhere we go, and we are all taking extra steps to ensure that our focus on the health of another is becoming a daily part of our lives. Paradise doesn’t have to be a beautiful, pristine, pure, turquoise-reflecting colored water in the middle of the ocean, it’s the fact that we are all more than ever conscious of using water to cleanse and purify ourselves and each other, and the fact that we as a global society demand we do it for the health of all of us around the world. In the past century, people on Earth have invested billions of dollars in tanks, machine guns, and bullets to kill each other, and now we are investing in hand sanitizers, masks, and vaccines to cure each other. To me, that is much more of a “perfect paradise” we all are living in at this moment together, no matter where we are currently at on Earth.

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