Adjunct Professor of Marketing, Baruch College,  Continuing & Professional Studies, 2014 to 2019.

Jon Harari has had over 100+ Different Expert Guest Speakers Share Their Real-World, First-Hand Knowledge and Experiences with Students

Public Relations and Business Communications
A comprehensive business communications course that teaches the practical application, strategies and principals of public relations, marketing and business communications.

Managing Your Reputation in the Digital Age
In this era of digital marketing, one of the most important aspects of a company is their image and reputation. Reputation is not inclusive of just the company and how it operates, but also the employees. Topics that will be discussed include: marketing, management, customer service, customer retention and overcoming obstacles on a global platform.

Customer Relationship Management
Explore the relevance of customer-centricity in creating a successful organization, examining methods to initiate, develop, implement, and evaluate customer-focused initiatives.

Promoting Sales
A comprehensive class surrounding sales promotions and strategies, with real-world examples and applications.

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