The Best Way to Build Your Online Reputation is to Help Others Build Theirs

Mr. Jon Harari has a unique philosophy for his class that focuses on exposing students to real-world life experiences. He frequently invites prominent guest speakers to class so students get first-hand insights and viewpoints of the guest speaker’s field. It helps students build important connections between what they are learning and the real-world and give professionals a chance to connect with students.

Jon knows how to use the digital world to support his company WindowsWear, and loves to inspire students to invest themselves in social media. Also, he likes to share his success stories and opportunities that students can take advantage of.

As a student in his class, I learned that using the digital world could help support a personal or business endeavor. When it comes to personal success, you fully have control over your destiny. Your company might change over the time and your career too, but no one can take your experience or anything you have accomplished.

From a business prospective, it is important for companies to build digital content that speaks in the way in which brands want to be perceived by their target consumers. Branding from a personal standpoint is very similar, and there are many social media tools available to you.  It is extremely important to invest in building digital assets.

Jon also mentioned that the best way to build an online repetition is if you help others build an online repetition. The more you can help highlight other people, the more your repetition is going to improve.

Mr. Jon was also invited to speak at Retail World Africa 2016 and it’s part of the success he’s had with building digital assets.

Jon also strongly recommends LinkedIn to his students because it is the most powerful social media tool for professionals and it is “a playground for business connections”. Jon also mentioned that in today’s world, “everything is going digital – the more we do in the physical world, is being reflecting more in the digital world.  Don’t hesitate or delay, if you do, you will be completely lost in the digital world and the more content you can invest in the more digital assets you will own.”

Written by Ayman Alharbi, a student in Jon Harari’s class.

Ayman Alharbi is the his final semester studying at Baruch College in the management track. Ayman previously received a Master of Arts in Human Resource Development from Bowie State University.