Happy New Year!

Wow, it’s 2020!  As a kid, I envisioned the year 2020 as marking the start of a new & futuristic world.  In this future world, I was convinced that we would be visited by aliens that ride in spacecrafts.  

Maybe it’ll happen one day, but for now, we’re not there.  And, instead of engaging with lifeforms from outer space, we have all of us humans, right here, right now.

And, for the success of our new & future world, I want to wish that each and every one of your dreams will come true in 2020, and want you to be extremely successful with whatever makes you the most passionate.  The more success you achieve, the more you will shine a light upon yourself and onto others, making the world a better place for all of us.  But, dreams are dreams, and some come true, and others do not.  Therefore, even if you do not realize each and every one of your dreams, you still have the power to help others realize their dreams.  And sometimes, it is actually more fun and enjoyable when we focus on helping others realize their dreams as well.

So, instead of a world of aliens and spacecrafts, we have a world full of our dreams and achievements.  I am looking forward to seeing you realize your dreams and helping others realize their dreams in 2020.  The world of the future is waiting for them.

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