The Magic In Their Marketing | Kleinfeld Bridal’s Story

Written by Andrea Varela and Irina Kadochkina, students in Jon Harari’s class.  Edited by Jon Harari.

Jennette Kruszka, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Kleinfeld Bridal, was welcomed by Jon Harari, Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Baruch College, to speak in front of CAPS International Students about her experience within the company, its success, and why “The Kleinfeld Experience” is so unique and special. Mrs. Kruszka has been with Kleinfeld for over 15 years, joining the company while still being a student at St. Francis College.  She has certainly seen the growth of the company.


Kleinfeld is the leading bridal retailer in the world, is represented in over 240 countries, has its own TV show “Say Yes to the Dress,” and distributes the world’s most exclusive designer bridal collections. Established in 1941 by Mrs. Kleinfeld, the store has developed to a world-known brand. The Kleinfeld store holds over 1,000 samples of bridal dresses and serves 17,000 brides annually. The store’s sales consultants spend hours with each and every bride-to-be from all over the world, and dedicates 9 to 12 months of attention to each bride prior to the wedding. The company has 4.5 million website visitors annually and 250 employees in its New York City store.

“For more than 60 years, brides have learned that the magic of Kleinfeld lies not just in our most magnificent store; not just in our offering the largest and finest selection of designer wedding gowns in the world; but the magic lies in the hearts of the most professional staff anywhere…a staff dedicated to perform your every wish. This is the world of Kleinfeld for generations.” Mara Urshel & Ronnie Rothstein. Principal Owners.

To our answer how Kleinfeld got to where it is today, Ms. Kruszka said “by word of mouth”.  The word of mouth is helped spread by “the  one-on-one appointments with the bride-to-be and her closest family and friends, warm hospitality, knowledgeable private consultants, the chance to personally meet the designer of the chosen dress and owners of the store, advice on accessories, timely fitting sessions and positive attitude of all the staff – all of that makes potential brides feel as they are the only ones and very special”. Kleinfeld strives to make every bride-to-be to the princess and bring her fairytale to live. Kleinfeld helps make dreams come true!


She also told us why the company sells more wedding dresses than any other store on earth. This is basically because their employees have excellent skills on what they are doing, and know how to focus on giving brides the best experiences at the store. That’s the most important word when it comes to selecting a dress at Kleinfeld: the experience. Kleinfeld is not about look around and get a dress for someone who is getting married, it is not just shopping, also that’s why you cannot shop online, Kleinfeld is about managing the bride expectations by offering a personalized and unique experience at the store.

The professional bridal consultant team is the key, and they always want to know every detail about their customers in advance.  When someone makes an appointment, they automatically send question to the person, in order to get to know what she is looking for, her preferences and more, based on that the team will be prepared when the bride gets to the store and they will offer the right dress. Also, this is a way to optimized time, since appointments are one hour and a half hours long.

Kleinfeld is with you every step of the way; from the day you purchase your dress through the day you wear it. The owners of Kleinfeld give each bride their private home phone number in case a bride needs special attention when the store is closed”.

Owners work close to the consultants and the brides, they are always there supporting the process and willing to listen to suggestion, doubts or questions of the clients. They are always working on improving the experience and looking for getting better, offering exclusive designs and making sure other stores do not get the same designs.

In addition to selling dresses, the company also offers other important products and services to the brides, such as save-the-date cards, wedding cards, thank you cards and more.  Name Change is a also a service that helps brides legally change their last names and Hotel Blocks helps brides find and book hotel rooms for wedding guests.  Kleinfeld is involved in every detail!

The owners manage the reputation of the brand by thinking about every single detail and offering the best experience at the store. Kleinfeld’s strategy is to make every bride feel special and important by: giving honest and accurate suggestions; understanding and listening to bride´s needs and desires; and offering exclusive and unique dresses. Ms. Kruszka told us that Kleinfeld does not do much advertising because luckily, by providing the best service and selection to brides, the referrals and word of mouth come naturally from bride to bride.