Behind the Scenes At Reuters

Written by Aline Toretto, Nizam Uddin, and Tai Xiaoyan, students in Jon Harari’s class.  Edited by Jon Harari.

Cassandra Garrison, Social Media and Live News editor, and Liana Baker, M&A Correspondent at Thomas Reuters, gave an awesome presentation about their company, Thomson Reuters.  They covered the firm’s growth, success, as well as giving insights about their careers and professional backgrounds as editors and reporters at our Reputation Management Class on Monday, November 16th 2015 at Baruch College.


Ms. Garrison deals with Thomas Reuters’ reputation and brand, especially through social media. Ms. Garrison mentioned that social media is the fastest way to reach to Thomas Reuters’ target clients, as the company has over 15+ million followers. Engaging with followers is as important as the making sure the brand’s reputation is maintained with quality news content. Ms. Garrison also mentioned that the company is very transparent from where company gets information by keeping Thomas Reuters’ brand reputation in mind. If there ever occurs an error in a post, she quotes and re-tweets the correction without deleting the wrong tweet using TweetTat.  Anything posted can never be completely deleted once they are on the Internet, and many times there are already shares and comment on that original post.  If you delete the post, an error message will be displayed and that can negatively impact the brand’s reputation.

Another major challenge is security issues to ensure all posts are being made by those who are allowed to by Thomas Reuters. All corporate social media accounts are verified accounts protected by software like SocialPro to ensure and maintain the security and integrity of the company’s social media content.

One of the most important aspects Ms. Garrison mentioned that how social media engagement will be turned into generating money. Such as TweeterChats with hosts where other company sponsors these chats.

In regards to Ms. Baker, she always wanted to be a journalist ever since she wrote a movie review in the high school newspaper. She always has been on track to become a journalist. She studied journalism at college and Reuters was her first job after college.  Her first coverage vertical was covering the video game industry, and now she covers mergers and acquisitions in the telecommunications and media industry, trying to break news through her sources.

Ms. Baker always needs to ensure her stories and sources are accurate, as her articles can have significant impacts on the stock prices of the companies she writes about. Stocks can move to different directions because of good or bad news, and she has a lot of responsibility for accuracy.

Both Ms. Garrison and Ms. Baker understand how important transparency is for their business and Reuters take this very seriously.