Journalism in the Digital Age, Insights from The Financial Times

Written by Alvino Rocha, Ana Cristina Rastrepo and Serap Sahinoglu, students in Jon Harari’s class.  Edited by Jon Harari.

Sujeet Indap, US Editor of the Lex Column of the Financial Times, shared with us his strategies about how to manage reputation to be successful in today’s digital age. sujeetindap

Today’s journalism has drastically changed due to the new technologies and new ways to be informed. One of his strategies is to know how to tell stories differently from competitors. Platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter let you be more creative and make stories easier to digest for the viewers with video or info graphics. And to sum all that up, it’s cheaper than print newspaper.

However, the challenge comes when you get the information and digest it, separating what is important and what isn’t relevant for your story. His advice is to make sure that you have explored both sides; and be independent in sharing different thoughts in the article, by supporting them with relevant points of view. Ask yourself if in your article you are responding to What-Where-When-Who and how the story happened.

Finally, as Mr. Indap mentioned, there are essential skills that journalism should have such as: don’t believe in everything you read, get as much resources you can to support your thought, think both sides of the article (positive and negative) and think about what you are writing even thought the pressure is pushing you.

What we learned is that everyone has the skills to be a journalist, it’s all about pushing and challenging ourselves to write, practice and learn from mistakes.

If we think about managing our reputation on the digital age, everyone should be aware of how necessary journalism skills are, because we have to take great photos, write great phrases and share thoughts.

Thanks to Sujeet Indap to be our guest speaker. Follow him on twitter @sindap.


Alvino Rocha is a Chemistry Bachelor, natural from Brazil, living now in New York City finishing his last semester in Business Management at Baruch College.


Ana Cristina Rastrepo is a graduate of Social Media Communications in EAFIT university, based in Colombia, doing a certificate in Marketing at Baruch College in New York City. She is passionate of the fashion industry and new trendy marketing ideas.


Serap Sahinoglu is a graduate of Business Administration in Istanbul University, based in Turkey, studying Marketing at Baruch College with passion, interns at WindowsWear, and realizes her dream of discovering the world in New York City.