#SeeYourCity, How New York City Manages its Brand as a Top Worldwide Tourist Destination

Edited by Jon Harari.

We had the opportunity to hear from Chris Heywood, Senior Vice President of Global Communications at NYC & Company (nycgo.com).  NYC & Company is the official marketing, tourism and partnership organization of New York City, dedicated to maximizing travel and tourism opportunities throughout the five boroughs, tasked with building economic prosperity and spreading the positive image of New York City worldwide. The company has a presence around the world.

NYC & Company is the ultimate guide to New York City, providing the best and most comprehensive information to help tourists understand what to do in NYC, what they must-see, where they must stay, and more.

Mr. Heywood explained that the key to building the brand of New York City is to highlight and help build the brands of the thousands of companies and key individuals that make New York City a unique, worldwide destination.  Furthermore, NYC & Company collaborates with known celebrities and taste-makers (like most recently with Taylor Swift and Dora the Explorer) to use their established brands to excite and create engagement for New York City to their audiences.  My. Heywood explained that New York City has a relatively smaller budget than other major U.S. destinations like the cities of Las Vegas and Orlando, and that’s why Mr. Heywood is so keen on creating earned media to help promote and publicize New York City.

NYC & Company’s website and social media strategies are also integrated and NYC & Company most recently launched a #SeeYourCity hashtag to integrate the communications of many of these campaigns.

The next big endeavor for NYC & Company is to help increase engagement and number of the tourists who visit New York City during January and February, which is traditionally slower in tourists visiting New York City than other times during the year.  For this, Mr. Heywood provided the analogies of Broadway Week and Restaurant Week, which was created by NYC & Company to help Broadway shows and restaurants attract clientele during a more challenging time of the year.


In all of his discussion, we believe the most unique asset that New York City has, is the enthusiasm and passion of Mr. Heywood and his team at NYC & Company to maintain New York City as a top worldwide tourist destination.

Written by Kinga KańskaAzusa Miyake, and Eva Lopez Salinero, students in Jon Harari’s class