Online Dating for Strategic B2B Relationships While Promoting Brand Awareness

Edited by Jon Harari.

When starting a new company, having the right marketing and communications strategy from the very beginning is extremely important in creating the image of the brand. Matt McKeon, Marketing and Communications Manager at Powerlinx, demonstrated how a start-up company with little brand recognition can best achieve its desired brand image.


The James Madison University graduate started his career at Powerlinx, two years after its founding in 2011. He is in charge of Customer Support, Social Media and Marketing Strategy. Mr. McKeon explained us the relevance of brand awareness for his start-up enterprise.  He expressed that Powerlinx is reaching clients using new methods of communications like social media, its blog, and its company video (featured below):

Powerlinx is an online platform which helps connect businesses create relationships with other businesses  (i.e. online dating for B2B). The service introduces businesses to other businesses by using Big Data, analytics and proprietary algorithms from a huge database of 20+ million companies. The goal is to help build strategic, win-win collaborations between businesses for goals like finding new suppliers, expanding into new product lines, reaching new geographical markets, raising capital and even selling their business.

In the real-world, it might be difficult to screen and identify potential businesses, new vendors, or clients. Powerlinx is helping companies build relationships using their technology.

One example Mr. McKeon discussed was how a distributor of almond milk found a supplier through Powerlinx, which provided a better package for their product that gave their product a longer shelf life. Having a product with longer shelf life, the company was then able to distribute it in Whole Foods and sell more products.

Sharing these success stories of their clients through social media and their blog is part of the brand Powerlinx is creating for itself, as the company’s reputation is improving as it helps others succeed.

Written by Mariane Hungele, a student in Jon Harari’s class.